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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri

dim_STAT is a tool for both high-level and detailed, monitoring and performance analysis of Solaris, Linux, and other UNIX systems.

The main features of dim_STAT are:

All STAT data is collected from standard UNIX tools like vmstat, iostat, etc. (or some special ones, like psSTAT for monitoring users and processes activity) and saved in the MySQL database. Collected data is accessed via a web interface and can be presented in several manners (interactive or static graphs, text, HTML tables). Since v.8.1 there is also a way to collect data from other UNIX systems (HP/UX, AIX, MacOSX, etc.)

dim_STAT can be used for the on-line monitoring of one or several hosts at the same time. As well, data can be post loaded from output files of stat commands and analyzed in the same manner. At any time data collection from new stat commands can be added to the tool (via Add-On interface) to enlarge your view on application workloads, RDBMS, your personal STAT program, etc.

By default, dim_STAT interfaces with the following Solaris stats (SPARC and x86):

as well as the following Add-On extensions for both Solaris SPARC/x86 and/or Linux/x86:

The CPU utilization of dim_STAT during collect is very low and even less than standard tools like top or perfbar.

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