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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri
I was really surprised by the strong demand by users for a dim_STAT CLI solution! It seems a Web interface is not making everybody happy :))

And here we are, with version 8.1 there is a CLI module in dim_STAT :)

# /apps/ADMIN/dim_STAT-CLI
  dim_STAT CLI v.1.7
  Usage: dim_STAT-CLI  [options] 
       -Base DBname
       -ID CollectID               (if empty: prints available Collect list)
       -Stat Name                  (if empty: prints available Stat list)
       -Begin YYYYMMDDhhmiss 
       -End YYYYMMDDhhmiss 
       -Out fname

optional: -Title graphtitle (if empty: uses Collect title) -Width size (if empty: uses default graph width) -Height size (if empty: uses default graph height) -AVG number (use average for too wide graphs) -Data filename save also raw stat data into file

For the moment it gives you a way to generate a single graph in PNG format for a given Database, CollectID and Time interval. Stat names are corresponding directly to your Bookmarks in your Database, so the more Bookmarks you have, the more graphs you may generate.

Since v.9.0 if you're using several Collect IDs on the same time (ID1,ID2,ID3,..) dim_STAT-CLI will propose you to use Multi-Host stats and draw Multi-Host graphs! ;-))

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