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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri
Add-On Statistics

One of the most powerful features of dim_STAT is the ability to integrate your own statistic programs with the tool. Once added, they will be considered by dim_STAT as being the same as the standard set of STAT(s) and give you the same kind of service: Online Monitoring, Up-Loading, Analyzing, Reporting, etc.

However, the choice of external stat programs is so wide that it's quite impossible to design a wrapper for each and every format. Therefore, I've decided to limit the input recognizer to just 2 formats (which covers maybe 95% of needs) and leave it to you to write, if necessary, your own wrapper and modify the output to one of the supported formats.

Formats supported by dim_STAT:

     - SINGLE-Line: with one output line per measurement (ex: vmstat)

     - MULTI-Line: with several output lines per measurement (ex: iostat)

To be correctly interpreted, your stat program should produce a stable output. This means the same format for data lines, at least one line in case of MULTI, keep the time-out interval constant, etc. Lines not containing data have to be declared, so that they can be ignored by dim_STAT.

NOTE: lines shorter than 4 characters are considered as "spam" and will be ignored!

Let's look at some examples...

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