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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri
Linux Special Notes
I don't know if it will surprise you that all dim_STAT binaries for Solaris SPARC until now were compiled on the same old and legendary SPARCstation-5, which runs Solaris 2.6 and that they still work on every next generation Sun SPARC machines. This includes the last generation, and Solaris 10. Some unchanged binaries are still here and are even 10 years old! This is calling a TRUE binary compatibility! :))

Now, can I say the same thing about Linux??? Sometimes, even the same vendor breaks binary compatibility between previous and next distributions!

Because the main problem lies with the different implementations of shared libraries, I've recompiled all main dim_STAT programs as static binaries to be sure they will run on every distribution. Over time, things got worse: static binaries are core dumping on some distros. Therefore, the current dim_STAT Linux version ships with both dynamic and several static versions of the same binary generated on the different distros.

dim_STAT reported to work out-of-the-box on MEPIS 3.3.1-1, MEPIS 6.0/7.0, Debian 3/4, RHEL 4.x/5.x, CentOS 4.x/5.x, OEL 5.x/6.x, SuSE 9/10/11/12, Fedora Core. Anyway, if you encounter any problems during installation or execution of dim_STAT, please, contact me directly and we'll try to fix the issue together. Last years many Linux vendors have stopped even to ship system libraries to run 32bit programs on their 64bit distributions.. - keep it in mind if you're planning to install dim_STAT on a 64bit Linux, you may will need to add 32bit packages then like: glibc.i686 / libc6-i386, libzip.i686/ lib32z1, libX11, libssl, libcrypto, libpng12, libjpeg, .. (check for some discussions on the dim_STAT Users Group @Google: http://groups.google.com/group/dimstat )

NOTE: PC boxes are quite cheap nowadays. So rather than trying to fix issue after issue, ask yourself if buying a $300 PC, installing MEPIS-6.0 or openSUSE-11.2 32bit on it (10 minutes), installing dim_STAT (5 minutes) and starting the collection of stats from all your servers, will not be a cheaper, easier and simpler solution.

And Again: why you simply don't use Solaris/OpenSolaris and just avoid all such kind of problems?... :-) There is even Pocket Solaris available (http://milax.org) - 300MB full install + 60MB dim_STAT = all other disk space to use securely with ZFS and collect data from your servers!... Seriously...

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