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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri
Main Page
Now, the installation is finished, the database and the web servers are running. Be sure that the STAT-service is installed and running on all servers you want to monitor. You'll be surprised, but when people are having trouble, in 90% of cases it is just forgetting to start the STAT-service.

Once it's done, you are ready to open a web browser (doesn't matter if it is Java enabled or not) and connect to the dim_STAT web server. The first page contains some links to documentation, presentation, tool history, etc., but the link you'll need to click is "Main Page".

As you already supposed, the Main Page will group all main actions ... and you're right!

I will not present this action by action, but rather functionality by functionality, in order of operation. However, the shortest working cycle is probably still:

  • Starting STAT collect
  • Analyze/Monitor collecting data
  • Stop STAT collect

A few words about the User Interface. Don't be surprised if you will not find any "Back" button once you leave the Main Page. There isn't one! You have to use your browser's navigation back button for it. And it's not because I'm just lazy :)) The reason is simple: dim_STAT uses Java applets to present data in graphical mode, but it seems for every Java applet instance the web browser instantiates a dedicated JVM. And all JVMs will stay in the browser's memory until it will crash with an "out of memory" error. To prevent that, I unfortunately have to force you to use your browser's button.

Since version 7.0 you'll see a small toolbar at the top of your page representing:
- Currently used Database Name
- Short links into Home/ Preferences/ Log Admin

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