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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri
The preferences page contains a set of key options used by different parts of the application. The most critical of them are grouped here. All other options (if supported) are "auto-keeping" their last value. If you used dim_STAT before you will notice that there are no graph settings anymore, all graph values are auto-saved each time when you use the graph view.

Note: your browser must accept cookies to make some of the following features working!!

There isn't a global "settings" button, and I didn't want to create too many links. So, each option has its own validation button, don't forget to click it to apply your modifications.

Database - Without any special settings, all collected data is stored in the "Default" database (the real MySQL name is "dim"). However, to avoid possible contention and simplify further administration, it's highly recommended to use different databases for different projects/ users/ centers/ etc. Within the Database section you can choose the name of the existing database you want to use or you can create a new one and use it instead. Since v.8.3 there is a possibility to add an Admin password while creating a new database - all administration action then will require giving this password (start/ stop/ restart of collects, data drop, etc.). As a reminder, the current database name is shown in the browser's title and the toolbar of every dim_STAT window.

Free and Used disk space - Showed for the current database. ( Note: MySQL has a quite small storage footprint, so disk space usage will be most reasonable, but it's a good habit to check from time to time if you still have a disk space! (since v.8.2 datafiles are configured to be able to reach 2TB in size (seems enough, no? ;-))...

Host Name List - Here you can specify a pre-defined list of the servers you usually monitor. This list is saved within a database, so every person using the same database may reuse it; as well if you switch databases time to time in your browser your host list will be changed automatically! Since v.8.2 the host "aliasing" is added: the complete syntax for the host name is [alias/]hostname[:port]


Bookmark Term - If you have never used dim_STAT before, just leave it as it is. For others, this option was created to satisfy everyone who prefers a different name for "Bookmark" functionality. Bookmarks were introduced in version 4.0, but after long discussions we still have no agreement on the right name. So, now you're free to name it as you like! :))

LOG Messages option - Gives you a way to set:

Page Colors - You're free to play with page colors if you're not happy with the default settings or simply prefer to change it from time to time.

Check Java support - A simple way to check if the dim_STAT applet is working correctly with your browser.

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