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dim_STAT User's Guide. by Dimitri
Since dim_STAT version 7.0, the EasySTAT script makes part of the STAT-service for Solaris. EasySTAT is designed to simplify the combination of collecting STATs on "very remote" or "highly secured" hosts with BatchLOAD.

In a few words all you need to do is:

EasySTAT Usage (v.1.9)
   $ /etc/STATsrv/bin/EasySTAT.sh  OutDIR IntervalSec NbHours [Title [Hostname [DBname [Batch [Log]]]]]

options: OutDIR - Output directory for stat collects (def: /var/tmp) Interval - measurement interval for stat commands in sec. (default: 15) NbHours - execution duration in hours (default: 8 hours) Title - title to use during BatchLOAD processing Hostname - hostname to use during BatchLOAD processing DBname - database name to use during BatchLOAD processing Batch - full path to BatchLOAD binary on your server (default: /apps/ADMIN/BatchLOAD) Log - log file name (if given, all processing output is forwarded into this file) NOTE: may also be enabled via LOG environment variable (see EasySTAT.sh for details)

EasySTAT Config

By default script collects 5 main stats:

Additional Options

NOTE : since v.8.3-1 both COMPRESS and TIMER options are included within EasySTAT.sh script by default !!! - it's preferable to have compressing and timestamps out of the box to avoid any space overflow as well a faster text file analyzing. However be aware you have to edit EasySTAT.sh file to disable them (but at least you know what you're doing :-))

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