Just realized I did not post any notes about dim_STAT CoreUpdates during the last 3 years, so will try to fix it now with the following short summary ;-))

CoreUpdate v90-u20-12

There is no any "spectacular" changes in dim_STAT Core since Update-17-12, there are rather many small changes mostly focused on better overall "usability" and stability.. I'll not note them all, just some few which may require some attention from your side :

  • first of all, there is now high-res PNG support implemented via external tool convert from Image-Magick package. The tool is not used by default (even if installed), you need to allow explicitly its use by adding HAVE_CONVERT=yes into your /apps/WebX/x.env file. You can also specify a different font to be used for convert via CONVERT_FONT=name settings within the same x.env config file
  • fully remastered Report Tool
  • remastered STAT-service to provide better diagnostic on frozen or killed stats
  • more extended EasySTAT to make local stats collect more simple, but also more useful, additionally SysINFO data are now collected for every hour, as well user "log messages" are now supported as well
  • fully remastered template database stuff
  • now when you're creating a new database all "standard" Add-Ons, their Bookmarks and Presets are installed automatically, no any additional action required, you're at once ready for action
  • as well "demo" Collect in new database is now optional
  • Text Titles can be added along with your graphs on the same page to make easier searching needed stats by simple in-page search in your browser
  • same Text Titles are added to Snapshots for the same reasons
  • generation of PDF for Published Snapshots is also optional now (as they can be really huge in space now)
  • optional "truncate" of big tables or whole database is now possible from Preference page -- this is very helpful when you need to get back some free space for your data, however makes importance much more higher to have your database protected by password ! -- otherwise anyone (by mistake) can destroy your data..
  • and as well there are several new stats added :
  • LxRAM : detailed Linux RAM usage
  • mysqlRAM / mysqlRAMxLong : MySQL Memory Allocations self-report
  • mysqlTPSTATE / mysqlTPSTATS : MySQL ThreadPool stats
  • LxDTraceFun : Tracing Callers to any Function of your running Process via DTrace
  • etc. etc. etc...

Download & Install

CoreUpdate-u20-12 is available from here : http://dimitrik.free.fr/Core_Updates/WebX_apps-v90-u20-12.tgz

Any previous versions are always available from CoreUpdates directory : http://dimitrik.free.fr/Core_Updates/

NOTE : if you're already running CoreUpdate v90-u17-12 or newer, all you need to update to v90-u20-12 is just to deploy (untar) the tarball within your /apps/WebX directory. You can do it "live" (e.g. you don't need to stop anything on dim_STAT side). However, if your running version is older than v90-u17-12, you'll need first to follow upgrade steps explained here : http://dimitrik.free.fr/blog/posts/dim_stat-v90-coreupdate17-12-is-here.html