Created: 2010-08-09
Last modified: 2010-09-19

MySQL Performance: InnoDB Buffer Pool

by Dimitri

OSC Team, 2010
Oracle / Sun Microsystems Inc.

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Table of contents

1. Benchmark Information
Customer Name(s): MySQL Performance Team

NDA: ??

Contact Information: dimitri (dot) kravtchuk (at)

Dates: Aug.2010

Keywords: InnoDB, Buffer Pool, Page Management, Purge

2. Hardware Configuration
Server(s): 32cores Intel Server

Storage: Internal SSD disks

3. Software Configuration


4. Benchmark
The issues analyzed in the following report were discovered yet in May 2009 during various MySQL 5.4 testings (ref: InnoDB dirty pages and log size impact ), but on that time it was not the first priority :-)) But now, when there are so many things are fixed within InnoDB - it's probably a time to get a closer look on the Buffer Pool page management issue..

So far, what I've observed before:

My understanding on that time was that the Buffer Pool occupancy is growing due UNDO pages, and the solution I've found on that time was a combination of several settings:

But do we still have this issue in MySQL 5.5 ???

Questions :

Conclusion :

To be continued.. :-))