Created: 2010-09-26
Last modified: 2010-10-28

MySQL Performance: 5.5 and btr_search_latch in InnoDB

by Dimitri

OSC Team, 2010
Oracle / Sun Microsystems Inc.

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Table of contents

Benchmark Information
Customer Name(s): MySQL Perf Team

NDA: ..

Contact Information: dimitri (dot) kravtchuk (at) oracle (dot) com

Dates: Oct.2010

Keywords: MySQL 5.5, InnoDB, hot contentions, btr_search_latch

Hardware Configuration
Server(s): Intel box, 32 cores, 128GB RAM

Storage: internal SSD disks

Software Configuration


Overview: During the previous testing with MySQL 5.5.6 I've observed a hot contention on the btr_search_latch and was curious to get a more detailed view on this performance issue.. Well, the story is starting here, but you never know what will be at the end.. ;-))


Result(s): see the report..

Initial test workload was used exactly the same as observed during the previous IO-bound testing :

The last graphs describing the Read-Only and Read+Write activity I've presented before are bellow (I've placed here as links as they are just repeated from the previous report)..

What is interesting on these graphs:

Some conclusions at the end of the so long reading ;-))

Few points :

To be continued..