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Sunday, 16 August, 2009

Butterfly & Summer...

X-files category grouping all posts "about nothing" :-) or just yet more another occasion to say that life is beautiful and plenty of surprises! :-)

Hard to resist and not to think about life beauty while looking on a butterfly... :-)

But when you discover such beautiful specimens inside of your proper garden - you find yourself smiling like a child :-)

Large Tortoiseshell / Grande Tortue & Peacock / Paon du jour

The most common, but so fun :-)

The Swallowtail / Machaon

Don't know why, but Machaon was always my preffered butterfly as far as I remember myself :-) The King (or Queen) Butterfly - as you prefere :-)

Scarce Swallowtail/ Flambé

Very beautiful butterfly, seems to be very rare nowdays in France... We're happy they like our garden! :-) Flambés and Machaons are flying like birds... And the most magic is to observe them plane..


But well.. When butterflies are gone - Summer is finished...

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