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Monday, 07 September, 2009

dim_STAT: version 8.3 was updated!

Dear friends/users!

I've just published an updated 8.3 version. This is a minor update, just to fix some abnormal issues and add few more features...

Here is a list of changes coming with update:

Fixes :

  • dim_STAT-Server script on start did not restat active collects (special thanks to Didier DAHIER to find it!
  • dim_STAT-Server script is now killing all clients too when involved with "stop" action
  • Standard Bookmark kit was not installed by default within a template database (special thanks to Peter Hausdorf to find it!)
  • Linux iostat binaries updated for STAT-service to fix broken output in some cases (special thanks to Melanie Ashworth-March to find it!

Improvements :

  • Added UNIX signal traps to WebX
  • Replaced crypt() function to reduce WebX binary dependencies (now again compatible back to Solaris 2.6)
  • Added active collect(s) information (extending active connections)
  • etc..

Database schema :

  • Bookmark name size was increased to 32 characters now!

EasySTAT additional options :

  • COMPRESS and TIMER options are now integrated within EasySTAT.sh and enabled by defaul
  • Run forever if Hours == 0
  • Supporting integration within /etc/inittab for automated stats collectin
  • Special actions are involved on signal trap (see doc
  • pid file is created within a working directory to simplify EasySTAT process identification

New Add-Ons :

  • mysqlLOAD (compact MySQL stats oriented multi-host monitoring
  • pgsqlLOAD (compact PostgreSQL stats oriented multi-host monitoring)
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