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Friday, 20 November, 2009

MySQL Performance: Conference Session @Paris

I'm presenting during MySQL Performance Session in Paris which will take place on 24th November in our office building - Sun Solution Center, 32 rue Monceau, 75008 Paris. I did not blog about to avoid to increase frustration for all people who cannot attend it.. Because even we reserved for this even the biggest conference hall in the building there is still not enough place to accept everybody.. As well we did not expect so high interest - the first invitations were sent in priority to MySQL customers, and in few days there was already no more place..

So, why I'm writing now? ;-) Just because I'm pretty sure there will be a second session! :-) I cannot say you date & place yet because it'll directly depend on the number of persons willing to attend. And if you have a such willing, please, right now express it by email to Olivier.Beutels(at)sun.com !

List of topics covered during Performance Session:

  • MySQL history/development milestones
  • MySQL Architecture overview
  • MySQL Storage Engines overview (Pros/Cons)
    - MyISAM
    - InnoDB
    - NDB
    - PBXT
    - XtraDB
    - Falcon
  • MySQL Bottlenecks:
    - Data model/design
    - Multi-threaded model
    - Storage engine
    - Internals
    - etc.

  • MySQL Performance:
    - Solutions
    - Scalability
    - etc.

  • InnoDB Performance:
    - Bottlenecks
    - Internals
    - Google SMP patches
    - XtraDB
    - etc.

  • MySQL 5.4
    - Improvements
    - Internals
    - I/O capacity
    - I/O threads
    - Thread concurrency model
    - Benchmark results
    - etc.

  • New / Incoming InnoDB improvements:
    - Ahead /Adaptive flushing /checkpoint
    - Purge lag
    - Splitted locks
    - Multiple rollbacks
    - etc.

  • MySQL Performance Tuning:
    - Monitoring
    - Configuration
    - Best practices
    - DTrace
    - ZFS
    - etc.

  • MySQL & dim_STAT
    - mysqlSTAT
    - mysqlLOAD
    - innodbSTAT
    - innodbIO
    - innodbMUTEX

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