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Monday, 21 September, 2015

Speaking about MySQL 5.7 Performance at #PerconaLive Amsterdam 2015

I may only admit that #PerconaLive Conference becomes only better and better year to year. And I'm happy to be there and have an occasion to tell you all the latest news about MySQL 5.7 Performance as it for today..

And of course, if we're speaking about benchmarks, I'll not speak only about MySQL 5.7, I'll not miss either Percona Server 5.6 and MariaDB 10.1 ;-) -- hope to publish all these results later, over a time.. I've realized that I'm blogging less this year -- most of the time is going today to dig the performance problems we're hitting and looking for real solutions for them. Hope to get both fixed soon ;-) While during the conference, please, don't hesitate to ask questions and report your problems -- many persons from #MySQLTeam will be there, so be sure you'll be listened! And if you will don't miss their talks as well - this way you'll don't miss them for sure ;-)

Well, time to leave a sunny Paris..

And join a sunny Amsterdam ;-)

But who cares about weather ? ;-)
Day #1 is ready to start..

My talk is on Wednesday, just before a lunch. So, please, come hungry (for questions and sharing I mean ;-))

UPDATE : the slides from my talk are now available from here :
- http://dimitrik.free.fr/Presentations/MySQL_Perf-Benchmarks-PLive_AMS-Sep.2015-dim.pdf 


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Wednesday, 29 October, 2014

Speaking about MySQL 5.7 Performance @Percona Live London 2014

Percona Live London 2014 is starting next week and I'm happy to speak there about MySQL 5.7 Performance, Scalability & Benchmarks latest news. Indeed, MySQL 5.7 has a lot of positive changes and impressive improvements. And, looking on MySQL 5.7 Performance, there are many cases where the gap comparing to MySQL 5.6 today is simply amazing! ;-) -- but, of course, there are still some pending issues which are requiring yet more work to reach the expected speed-up.. So, I'll tell you all about the most hot stories around, while I'm also always curious about your issues you're hitting on your production systems. Please, don't hesitate to share them - this is helping us to make MySQL yet more better! ;-)

UPDATE - my slides are here : http://dimitrik.free.fr/Presentations/MySQL_Perf-Benchmarks-PLUK_2014-dim-key.pdf 


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Tuesday, 07 October, 2014

MySQL Central @OpenWorld 2014 was simply great!

And I'm not saying this because I'm MySQL/Oracle employee ;-)) - just expressing my personal feeling while flying back to Paris..

I really enjoyed this conference now much more than all previous years :

  • first of all having 5 days instead of 2 allows to have much more networking than before (and usually it's the main goal for every conference to create a lot of informal discussions and exchange on opinions)..

  • then, the content - all excellent, no words.. there was so much new stuff to discover and learn from other experiences, that I'm pretty sure that each person at one moment during the conference should feel a kind of "brain overflow" ;-) and what is good that there were talks for any levels of skills -- so, it was very easy to progress on understanding of each topic quickly and smoothly..

  • organization was just perfect : all in one place, no more running over different floors/buildings, etc. ;-) having 30min breaks between talks is really good as it allows to have an exchange related to presented topics without impacting timing of the next talk / session (while we could probably finish little bit later as well to have yet more talks?)..

  • MySQL Customer Advisory Forum (CAF) - yet bigger and very well organized as usually (while I'm not sure if all customers / users are aware about this great possibility to discuss directly with MySQL engineering, express all your wishes & issues, get the info from the source about what is new, what is coming, what is planned, etc.) -- well, I know that many regretted on the last minute to have missed subscription, so keep in mind this for the next year ;-))

  • MySQL Reception - really good! specially that doors were open to anyone, including persons who are not attending the conference -- a true MySQL Community event!

Few wishes anyway for the next year :
  • would be great to have MySQL posters around the place where conference is going ;-)

  • would be great to have a kind of "closing conference" keynote(s), etc. to make a summary, to thank all attendees & organizers, to have some fun instead just see doors closing and people leaving..

But well, all-in-all - simply great MySQL Conference, which may become only better over a time! so, book your agenda ahead for the next year -- pretty sure it'll be yet more fun ;-)

Bye-Bye, SFO...

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My Presentation Slides from MySQL Central @OpenWorld 2014

As promised, here are my presentation slides from my talks on MySQL Central @OpenWord 2014 :

  • MySQL 5.7 Benchmarks [PDF]
  • MySQL Performance : Demystified Tuning & Best Practices [PDF]

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions, while I'll also try to cover some of explained topics within the next blog posts, so stay tuned ;-)


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Sunday, 28 September, 2014

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2014 : Speaking about MySQL Performance

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is starting today, and MySQL Central Conference since this year is taking a full part of it. I'm very happy to be there and have 2 talks :

so I'll be able to say more this time and mostly focus on the Benchmarks results & analyzes on the first talk, and then mainly focus on the tuning and the latest MySQL 5.7 design improvements to allow you to reach yet more higher & stable performance levels.

I have several "fun" stories to tell you around the latest findings around MySQL 5.7 Performance we made, and problems we've solved (or newly found ;-)) Don't know if I'll have a time to blog about all of this one day.. - while telling you these stories live during the conference is much more easier, so hope to keep you awake and have fun ;-) Indeed, there is no doubt, MySQL 5.7 rocks and it will be the next the best MySQL release ever.. - and I'll tell you why ;-)

Then, once again, I'm regretting I cannot clone myself to attend all the conference talks in parallel.. - there are so many valuable presentations in the program that it's really hard to decide where to go.. I may only advice you to attend all of them (you and your clones ;-)) -- this excellent Agenda Summary is telling all..

And don't miss the MySQL Community Reception @OOW 30/Sep. 7PM-9PM (you need just to register yourself via this link to help organizers with logistics ;-))

see you there!

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