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Saturday, 21 September, 2013

MySQL Performance: reaching 500K QPS with MySQL 5.7

Yes, we've done it! ;-)

Tomas just announced we've reached 500K QPS performance level in OLTP_RO Point-Selects 8-tables benchmark, and I may only confirm it and say you little bit more:

This is the best-to-best comparison between the all listed engines obtained on the same 32cores-HT server that I've used in my previously published benchmark results. Same workload, same conditions, updated players. All details about this and other tests results I'll provide during my tomorrow's talk at MySQL Connect conference (11:30AM), and then later publish them within another blog post..

Well, what else to say.. - MySQL 5.7 is preparing to become the next "the best ever MySQL Server release in history" ;-)

The full story is published here now : The Road to 500K QPS with MySQL 5.7


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Thursday, 19 September, 2013

Heading to MySQL Connect

Heading to MySQL Connect right now.. Seems there will be a lot of interesting stuff, my prediction ;-)

This year I have 2 talks about MySQL Performance:

Looking forward to exchange and to learn from others.. And, of course there will be some surprises ;-))

So, stay tuned ;-)


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Wednesday, 11 September, 2013

dim_STAT v.9.0-u12 Core Update

I've realized that over a time I'm adding more and more small changes to the "core" scripts of dim_STAT, while completely forgetting to share them with others on a regular basis ;-) So, here is my current v.9.0-u12 tarball (.tgz) containing all the changes I've added during last 2 years.. (and other updates you may find as well in the dedicated Core Updates Repository )..

In fact I'm continuing the idea of experimental Core Update I've tried in the past which is worked very well (and works for now too) -- to apply the Core Update you should be running the v.9.0 of dim_STAT (whatever update), and just follow the same instructions as before:

  • stop dim_STAT server:
    # /apps/ADMIN/dim_STAT-Server stop
  • untar the .tgz archive file containing Core Update scripts :
    # cd /opt/WebX
    # tar xzf /path/to/tgz
  • restart dim_STAT server :
    # /apps/ADMIN/dim_STAT-Server star
  • enjoy! ;-))

To be honest, I don't really remember today all the changes I've made.. ;-)

But from the most notable last ones which people asked several times are:

  • dim_STAT-Server script now has few more improvements/features:
    > option -RESTART flag -- where flag can be: auto, no, yes, force (def: auto) -- to better manage STAT collects restart on the server start-up..
    > option -SLEEP sec -- to sleep few seconds between STAT collect restarts and avoid "activity waves" (def: 2)
    > if STAT collect restart is required, dim_STAT-Server will wait until MySQL database become available (in case there is some recovery process in progress or something else).. -- this will ensure STAT collects restart in this case

  • Bookmark Presets : as over a time you may have more and more created Bookmarks for various STATs within your dim_STAT server, it become more and more painful to find the right ones from the long list + select them.. Then Bookmark Presets may help you here -- just go to the Home->Bookmarks page, select some of Bookmarks you're mostly using, and than save this selection as a Preset (naming it as you like + clicking on the "Save" on the bottom of the page).. This new name then will appear on the Analyze page just right near the [Bookmarks] button, and with a single click on it you'll get a list of Bookmarks only placed by yourself into corresponding Preset ;-) You may create as many Bookmark Presets as you like, for any kind of your needs (however I intentionally did not add the "remove" functionality to not have a complete solution, while creating a Preset with existing name will replace the old one by the new one)..

  • Configurable colors in PNG Graphs : you may now use your own colors for PNG graphs via Preferences interface (while always may revert to the initial default colors at any time).. Time to time people are complaining that some colors are not very visible on white or black background.. - so, now you may experiment by yourself how easy graphs may be readable or not ;-)

Any required additional tables in the database to support these features are created automatically, so you don't need to do anything. However I did not add any interface to export or import these data.. - you may do it on the database level very easily if you need it..

So far, this a compromise solution I've found to keep your dim_STAT installation under GPL and just update time to time core scripts.. - let me know if it worked for you ;-)


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