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Thursday, 15 May, 2014

MySQL Tech Day @Paris, 22/May-2014

The next MySQL TechDay is taking place in Paris, 22/May (the next week!!!) - if you're MySQL lover and will be in Paris area this day - hurry up to register on the event page and attend it - trust me, you'll not regret ;-))

We're continuing to follow our TechDay tradition:

  • the event is completely free (but places are limited, so you have to be registered to attend)
  • the content is pure technical and directly from Oracle engineering, no marketing ;-)
  • this is a true full day event, and we're reserving enough time to go in depth for each presented stuff..
  • the event is taking place in Oracle office in a pretty wide and comfortable amphitheater, covered by WiFi, so you may twit live about #mysqltechday and remain "connected" if this is a part of your constrains ;-)
  • we're starting at 10:30 to let you arrive "stressless" regardless traffic issues and distance (we know from previous experience that many arriving from different places in France, far away from Paris, and also some will come even from different countries! - Brussels, London, Birmingham, Dublin are already in our map for now ;-))
  • for those who will arrive earlier, a hot coffee with some sweats will be already waiting since 10:00 as a bonus ;-)
  • note: if you're arriving via public transportation keep in mind there is a direct tram going to the Oracle office from La Defense station (15min and you're arrived)..
  • and to finish with organization points:
    • around 13:00 we'll have a lunch in Oracle enterprise restaurant,
    • around 15:30 a coffee break
    • and around 17:30 we're expecting to finish (and let you in the same "stressless" conditions arrive at home ;-))

And now about the content..
  • very briefly we'll provide you an overview about the latest tech news from the MySQL Team

  • then, as promised from the last TechDay, I'll tell you the whole story about heavy OLTP workloads:
    • In-Memory and IO-bound, Read-Only and Read+Write..
    • their problems, solutions, workarounds, and improvements already made in MySQL 5.7
    • there was a long and hard work made since then, the result are surprising and amazing on the same time - and there are still many questions remaining without an answer.. ;-)
    • and, as promised, this time with a full deep dive into InnoDB internals -- we'll dig in details all the story with InnoDB flushing and purge, what was wrong before MySQL 5.5, what remained wrong in 5.5, improved in 5.6, redesigned and probably fixed in 5.7 -- how read-on-write issues were resolved, why parallel + improved flushing was implemented, what can be wrong and how to tune LRU flushing -- I'll tell you ALL ;-))
    • I'll have 2 hours to tell you the whole story, so be sure, you'll have for your time ;-)

  • then, again, as promised, we'll have Mark LEITH as our special guest during this event!
    • last time Mark was unable to come due unexpected "management issues"..
    • while this time we fixed all issues ahead, and just crossing fingers now for the flying conditions, as Mark will fly from UK to Paris the same day ;-)
    • if you did not attend any Mark's talks before, I'd present him as a "Practical MySQL Performance Schema Magician" !! ;-)
    • Performance Schema (PFS) is a gold mine of various valuable information about your MySQL instance
    • while entering in any huge gold mine you may feel yourself little bit lost.. ;-)
    • but Mark will show you how easy to find there your way in practice, and how powerful solutions built around PFS could be..
    • Mark will also present you his "ps_helper" - a collection of scripts he made to simplify practical PFS usage - this is a really great stuff, I'd compare it to what DTrace Toolkit made for DTrace -- you may use many scripts as they are just straightforward, then learn by example and create many new ones adapted explicitly to what you need, etc..
    • and trust me, some examples will really surprise you about how deep you may go with PFS ;-)
    • the best will be if you'll come with your laptop with installed latest MySQL 5.7 (or 5.6) on it and play with presented stuff by yourself..
    • BTW, ps_helper is fully integrated now within 5.7 and taking part of "sys" schema
    • as well, if you are not already doing, think to use MySQL Workbench 6.1+ : while this GUI tool is simply great for many general DBA tasks, it also introduced since v.6.1 a very helpful interface to discover, request and configure PFS via GUI.. - the tool is free and can be downloaded from here: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/tools/workbench/ (Linux, MacOSX and Windoze versions)
    • and of course Mark will speak about the latest MySQL Enterprise Monitor (MEM) version - it's fully using now PFS in its metrics and the result is really amazing.. - Mark will tell you all about and show you a live demo, and if you want to try your hands on - you may start from here: http://www.mysql.com/products/enterprise/monitor.html (the tool is not free, but has a long enough trial period to try)..

Well, I hope you'll have a lot of fun and a lot of food for your brain this day! ;-))

See you there!
And also think ahead about other tech topics you'll happy so see covered the next MySQL TechDay..

Useful event links:
UPD: my talk was based on my Percona Live 2014 slides
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