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Tuesday, 14 April, 2015

MySQL Performance: Pushing yet more far scalability limits with MySQL 5.7

MySQL 5.7-RC1 is available now since the last week and you may find a lot about all the new improvement coming from our Team Blog and many other blog posts on this site as well. While in this article I'll just mention that with MySQL 5.7 all scalability limits are going more and more far! -- it's not that we resolved all of them, no, just that we become better and better ;-)

And one of the huge win coming now with MySQL 5.7-RC1 is that for the first time ever we're getting the same performance levels on a single hot table as on several tables used in parallel!

Here is the Max QPS result on the Sysbench RO Point-Select workload with 8-tables running on 40cores-HT server :

And here is the same load, but bombarding only one single table :

Now a full Sysbench OLTP_RO workload on 8-tables :

And on 1-table :

The story is pretty fun here, and I'll tell it in its full version (and many other "fun" stories) this afternoon (1:20pm) during my talk at Percona Live'15:
- http://www.percona.com/live/mysql-conference-2015/sessions/mysql-57-performance-scalability-benchmarks

UPDATE: Slides are available from here: http://dimitrik.free.fr/Presentations/MySQL_Perf-Benchmarks-PLive_2015-dim.pdf 

What to add.. - MySQL 5.7 really rocks!! kudos MySQL Team! ;-)


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