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Friday, 14 April, 2017

MySQL Performance: 8.0-dev Progress..

As you already know, a new MySQL-8.0 milestone release is available (and hope you did not miss all the news coming from MySQL Server Team site - starting by what's new article and followed by many others (and you'll see yet more to come ;-))..

There are also many good changes improving overall MySQL 8.0 Performance. However to see a real boost on OLTP workloads you'll need to have little bit more of patience.. -- we're attacking InnoDB fundamentals.. -- the parts of design which are probably remained mostly unchanged since InnoDB creation ;-)) -- you can easily understand that such a work has a long road from idea/ prototype to a final release.. On the same time our "Preview" results are looking very encouraging, and I'll be happy to say you more about during my talk @PerconaLive, 27/Apr 1:50pm :

- https://www.percona.com/live/17/sessions/mysql-80-performance-scalability-benchmarks

to give you a first idea about what is coming, I'll post here a singe "teaser" graph about a pure UPDATE performance on 22cores-HT (1CPU socket), then 44cores-HT server (2CPU sockets (kind of today's "commodity" HW ;-)) -- the graph is taken from the results comparing MySQL 5.7 vs current 8.0 vs 8.0-dev (which is yet in dev progress), but instead of TPS/QPS you can see here just levels about InnoDB internal contentions :

Your browser is not supporting SVG..

to help you little bit to find the diff within these graphs, in short :

  • yes, log_sys contention is gone in MySQL 8.0-dev ;-)
  • and log_write too..
  • and trx_sys..
  • and lock_sys..
  • and...

If it's saying you something, you could already get a first idea about what kind of TPS boost you may expect and what kind of possibilities it opens.. ;-) -- but if not, don't worry.. -- I'll tell you all this during my talk in 2 weeks ;-)

(yes, slides will be published, no worry; and yes, this article will be also updated with more details)

until then, stay tuned.. ;-))

And THANK YOU for using MySQL !!!

UPDATE: the follow up article is here - http://dimitrik.free.fr/blog/archives/2017/05/mysql-performance-80dev-progress-details.html


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