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Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

MySQL Performance: MySQL 5.6 -vs- MySQL 5.5 -vs- MariaDB 5.5

Finalizing my series of MySQL 5.6 -vs- MySQL 5.5 benchmarks (best-to-best results and config settings (1), scalability (2), tuning details and yet more test results (3)), I've realized that it just needs a one point more - MariaDB results..

One of my friends called me to tell a story about an article in one of computer magazines saying that "If you're having performance issues with MySQL 5.5, you should try MariaDB 5.5 and you'll be surprised!"..

It waked up my curiosity. MariaDB-10 seems to be only in alpha stage for the moment, and the latest stable MariaDB version in 5.5. So I've installed the latest for today MariaDB-5.5.29, and executed exactly the same Sysbench workloads on MariaDB too.

However, the results I've observed reminded me the old heavy days in the past years while we were fighting agains all the bottlenecks in MySQL 5.5.. Situation is greatly improved now in MySQL 5.6, and from the following you'll see why you need to upgrade to MySQL 5.6 asap! ;-)

I will not spend more time on it, but just sharing here my results.


  • I've used the same "original" Sysbench
  • same test cases
  • same MySQL 5.6 Community Edition (GPL) and same MySQL 5.5 Community Edition (GPL)
  • same config settings as in previous posts
  • so, exactly the same conditions for everything..
  • just added MariaDB 5.5 into a game..

As before, best-to-best obtained results are presented in TPS and QPS. As well, I'm also including here corresponding "scalability" graphs to confirm you that on 16cores MySQL 5.6 is still same or faster than 5.5, but, of course, on a bigger server with 24, 32 or more cores you'll see a real MySQL 5.6 power in action! ;-))

Sysbench OLTP_RO :

Sysbench OLTP_RO-trx :

Sysbench OLTP_RO 8-tables :

Sysbench OLTP_RO-trx 8-tables :

Sysbench OLTP_RO Point-Selects :

Sysbench OLTP_RO Point-Selects 8-tables :

Sysbench OLTP_RO Simple-Ranges :

Sysbench OLTP_RW 10M :

Sysbench OLTP_RW 10M 8-tables :


  • as you can see, MySQL 5.6 GA has the best performance, followed by MySQL 5.5, and MariaDB 5.5 comes in last..
  • so, if you're getting performance problems with MySQL 5.5, then upgrade to MySQL 5.6 asap and you'll be really surprised!!! ;-)
  • and it's not only about performance.. - get a look on a full list of all new MySQL 5.6 features presented by RobY and PeterZ, as well a very good DBA & developer guide with many other details..


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