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Sunday, 28 September, 2014

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld 2014 : Speaking about MySQL Performance

Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is starting today, and MySQL Central Conference since this year is taking a full part of it. I'm very happy to be there and have 2 talks :

so I'll be able to say more this time and mostly focus on the Benchmarks results & analyzes on the first talk, and then mainly focus on the tuning and the latest MySQL 5.7 design improvements to allow you to reach yet more higher & stable performance levels.

I have several "fun" stories to tell you around the latest findings around MySQL 5.7 Performance we made, and problems we've solved (or newly found ;-)) Don't know if I'll have a time to blog about all of this one day.. - while telling you these stories live during the conference is much more easier, so hope to keep you awake and have fun ;-) Indeed, there is no doubt, MySQL 5.7 rocks and it will be the next the best MySQL release ever.. - and I'll tell you why ;-)

Then, once again, I'm regretting I cannot clone myself to attend all the conference talks in parallel.. - there are so many valuable presentations in the program that it's really hard to decide where to go.. I may only advice you to attend all of them (you and your clones ;-)) -- this excellent Agenda Summary is telling all..

And don't miss the MySQL Community Reception @OOW 30/Sep. 7PM-9PM (you need just to register yourself via this link to help organizers with logistics ;-))

see you there!

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