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Sunday, 21 August, 2011

dim_STAT v.9.0 is here!

A so long awaited dim_STAT v.9.0 is here! :-))
The main "global" change in dim_STAT v.9.0 is a move to the latest MySQL 5.5 GA version. This move was driven by willing to use a true transactional storage engine within MySQL (which is InnoDB) to avoid any database files repairing in case of systems hang or unexpected power-off.. - Now you're free to choose which storage engine you prefer to use for your data and select MyISAM or InnoDB on your database creation. As well at any moment you're able to convert any database to InnoDB or MyISAM according your needs. As such a process may be quite long enough with big databases, there is a command line tool dim_STAT-Admin coming since v.9.0 - you're able now from a command line involve DBA actions:
  • Create a new Database

  • Convert existing Database to another Storage Engine

  • Backup a whole Database

  • Export STAT Collect(s)

  • Import STAT Collect(s)

  • Recycle STAT Collect(s)

dim_STAT v.9.0 is shipped with a "remastered" MySQL v.5.5.15 Community Edition (GPL) - it's different from the "official" MySQL 5.5 by being more compacted (all debug and test stuff is removed) and compiled in way to have less dependencies to work just out-of-the-box if possible (for ex: on Linux you'll not need AIO library, etc.). The configuration parameters are mostly present within "my.conf" file, all settings are just minimal to not use too much RAM or disk space. On the firs start InnoDB data and log files will be created, but you may adjust the settings later.. Well, my goal was to ship a compact and just working MySQL with dim_STAT, but feel free to replace it by any other MySQL version! ;-)

Another new stuff coming with v.9.0 is an experimental dim_STAT for MacOSX ! :-)) I've preferred to share it rather just enjoy to use it alone on my Mac ;-)) However, I did not yet fully tested it as I don't have (yet) another Mac ;-)) and don't want to spend any time to install MacOSX in VM.. - if somebody will want to use it on Mac I'll have first news very quickly ;-)) if no - another reason to not spend too much time on MacOSX distro ;-))

Then there is a huge list of "internal" improvements which will say you nothing, but will greatly improve your usual work with dim_STAT ;-)

But main "visible" new features are:

  • simplified INSTALL process (and I hope you'll feel it since the first installation ;-))

  • MySQL regular expressions can be used now within Multi-Line stats to enforce name criteria..

  • name filter is added into all Multi-Line pages to be able to reduce the list of names when it's too long and simplify selection on ly of the names you need..

  • value distribution graph is now working not only with Java Applet, but with PNG too..

  • for any stats while drawing some data you may also (or instead) draw a sum of all selected values (ex: Usr% and Sys% CPU Usage as CPU Busy%)..

  • absolutely amazing Multi-Host Bookmarks ! - gives you a way to analyze several hosts in parallel in more advanced way: you're analyzing stats within a Single-Host mode first, applying all criteria you need (ex. seeking only for "oracle" and "sqlplus" processes CPU Usage, and then saving the obtained graph as Multi-Host Bookmark, and after with a one click analyzing the same graph but with many hosts within Multi-Host mode ;-)) (NOTE: don't forget that only one stat value is allowed to be presented on the Multi-Host graphs, if you're drawing more than one value on your graph - the Multi-Host Bookmark option will not be presented..)

  • dim_STAT-CLI is now able also to draw Multi-Host graphs if several Collect IDs are given in argument (-ID id1,id2,id3,..)

  • Export is now have a time interval option in case you need to export a particular part of your Collect rather the whole collected data..

  • STAT-service is now also reporting when the connection was lost with a server or a stat command closed it's pipe (possible abnormal finish), as well such messages are appearing in errors on the Web interface..

  • by default any non-system stats are disabled (commented) now within STAT-service - I was surprised how many users are mostly clicking on all available stats and making troubles on their systems (for ex. involving DTrace for non-existing stuff, etc.) - since v.9.0 you have to enable it manually by editing /etc/STATsrv/access file (which is supposing that user is aware of the changes ;-))

  • HAR2 for Solaris 10 was updated to version 2.1 (thanks to ISV team! ;-))

  • LioSTAT_v10 (iostat v.10) was introduced to Linux stats (seems to work better with recent Linux distros)..

  • mysqlSTAT was updated/improved

  • innodbMETRICS was introduced (still experimental) - allows to monitor InnoDB METRICS table within MySQL 5.6

  • oraASMIO was introduced to monitor I/O activity via ASM on Oracle RDBMS (including Exadata ;-))

  • Add-On management was yet more simplified and improved, and since now you're also able to re-edit any of your Add-On descriptions directly via Web interface!! ;-))

  • etc..

NOTE: the STAT-service packages are no more shipped within dim_STAT distribution to avoid file duplication within each tarball, however they are always freely available for download from the site (or directly from the STAT-service space). I've also removed .pkg files for Solaris as creating them all the time is quite painful process, while .tgz remains the same for all platforms and protect me from forgetting some of files within a .pkg list ;-))

Well, there are many other still visible, but minor features (some details I've also explained in the previous post about a Core Upgrade.), but I'll avoid to list them here and leave you to discover them yourself ;-)) There are also many other features I've planned to ship with v.9.0, but it was urgent for me to ship the new version as soon as possible, so my main priority was focuses on the most "critical" features related to MySQL 5.5 adoption and general usability (like Multi-Host Bookmarks and dim_STAT-Admin). My goal is matched now, event it took me a major time of my week-ends and vacations during last 6 months ;-)) but there was an urgency because since next week I'll become a "true" Oracle employee, and I prefer to suspend any new dim_STAT development since now to avoid any potential conflicts regarding software proprietary (or until any changes will come in situation).. - shipping v.9.0 today on the remaining conditions gives me a satisfaction point for over 14 years of development ;-)) and it was hard as well to suspend my developments without shipping v.9.0 before.. ;-))

So far, there is still missing Solaris 10 x64 version (did not have an access to a needed server on time, so sol10-x86 version will come later ;-)) and Solaris 8 /SPARC is missed too as I don't have an old enough server available around me, so cannot guarantee the dim_STAT v.9.0 will come later for it and don't know if there is any need.. - a simple PC is now faster than a very old SPARC, so using a simple Linux box makes more sense now days ;-))

However, I hope to still be able to continue support of dim_STAT (and fix bugs if any), just only new features will be suspended until a new order ;-))


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