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Thursday, 31 October, 2013

dim_STAT v.9.0-u13 Core Update (Halloween Edition ;-))

This is a special Halloween Edition of dim_STAT Core Update-13 available (as it's Update #13 it was hard to resist to not ship it exactly for Halloween day ;-))

The Update contains all the goodies from the #12 version plus "one more thing" ;-)

  • Bookmark Presets are now introduced to the Multi-Host too (extended or not)
  • And also directly accessible from the full Bookmark list on a Single-Host Analyze a well - you should be able to see all your preferred graphs within a one single click now ;-)
  • Presets can be removed now and extended (you may at any time add any new Bookmark(s) to existing Preset)
  • and just for fun, there is a possibility now to include a customized "welcome" message on the dim_STAT Home Page -- the code is testing for a presence of the "welcome.html" file in the /opt/WebX/apps/dim_STAT directory.. - and it exists, it'll be automatically included within a Home Page (in case you want to add some guide lines to your users, instructions, daily message - up to you ;-))

The installation instructions are exactly the same as before, except that I was too paranoid in the past with Core Updates when it was yet experimental ;-)) -- in fact you don't need to stop dim_STAT Server to apply a Core Update.. - you can do it live without any problem ;-)) (and I'm doing it every time on my servers) -- however, before to upgrade, don't forget to backup your existing /opt/WebX/apps content!!! (we never know ;-))



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