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Saturday, 19 December, 2015

dim_STAT v.9.0-u15 CoreUpdate is ready !

The 2015 year is finishing, and I'm happy to present you the latest dim_STAT v.9.0 CoreUpdate-15 (just on time ;-))

So, what is new ?

First of all I'd like to tell you about the new experimental STAT-service v.5.0 :

  • the main difference in this version is coming with remastered code of the daemon
  • now you're no more attached to the fixed /etc/STATsrv directory on your server
  • you can install STAT-service anywhere you want ! ;-))
  • this is resolving any situations when you don't have write permissions in /etc
  • or simply need to monitor several database instances running in parallel on the same host
  • now you may just duplicate your STAT-service instances into different directories and start them on different IP ports
  • also, to simplify scripts management, STAT-service is publishing as environment variables its currently used home directory (as SRV_HOME) and IP port number (as SRV_PORT)
  • you can use them in your scripts or config files to make their maintenance much more simple
  • and yes, both variable are also considered within the access file as well
  • while the name of the access file is now also configurable, so you can use different files according needs, etc.
  • in parallel many bundled scripts are remastered and simplified
  • all the stats you need to collect via EasySTAT for ex. now are moved to .env-easystat file
  • for SysINFO - into .env-sysinfo
  • so, you don't need to edit a big script file to change the list of your options, but just a small one, etc.
  • also, to simplify configuration of connection setting for Oracle RDBMS, MySQL and PostgreSQL stats all related scripts are checking the corresponding .env-oracle, .env-mysql and .env-pgsql files -- so, just one file to edit to make all scripts working
  • whenever possible, the scripts were remastered to avoid zero sleep time and unlimited sleep time due OS clock time changes or heavy system load..
  • well, there was a lot of ile editing, that's why I'm calling this STAT-service version experimental, as it's still possible that I've missed something on one of the scripts ;-))
  • STAT-service v.5.0 is available for Linux, Solaris 10+ SPARC and x64, MacOSX :

  • NOTE: each tarball is also containing "src" directory with new STATsrv.c and STATcmd.c code -- just in case if you have any issues with new binaries on your systems, you may always recompile them yourself..


Analyzing performance problems on Linux I'm often needing a profiler, but rather a profiler with a low overhead ;-)) - the "perf" tool is pretty good for that, but I was missed from a long time live profiling collects saved directly into dim_STAT. Now it's fixed, and you can use this new PerfSTAT Add-On to see the top-N hot functions from various programs running on your system to understand what is really going odd.. -- in the following example I'm just analyzing from where the regressions are coming in different MySQL engines :

don't hesitate to try it yourself, you may discover very interesting things on your machines ;-))

Command Line Interface

I'm surprised how many people are using dim_STAT from the command line to generate various graphs for their reports or different workflows.. - so, I've extended then existing options/features yet more :
  • dim_STAT-CLI :
    • there is a new "-Times" option to allow you to select several time intervals on the same graph T1-T2[,T3-T4[,..]]) similar as you do via web interface
    • the "-RAW" option allows now to directly export raw stats data from your database
  • dim_STAT-Admin :
    • delete ALL is now involving TRUNCATE on tables which is giving a really huge speed-up ;-))
  • dimSTAT-Server :
    • there is now also a "start-force" option available to by-pass the situations when you're starting your dim_STAT instance for the first time and some database files are missed just because your database was not yet initialized..

Other changes & fixes

just to mention few more :
  • you can now Backup and Restore your Bookmark Presets ;-))
  • Bookmark IMPORT was improved to allow you better manage all bundled Add-Ons
  • in case you're needing to collect very big numbers in your Add-Ons, there are new data types were added: Big-Integer and Big-Float
  • any use of "/tmp" in the code for temporary files was removed, everywhere the TMP_DIR environment variable is used (it's configured when you're installing dim_STAT and saved within /opt/WebX/x.env file -- you may modify it at any time)
  • the Log messages are better checked now for odd characters on entry (did not expect such, and don't know if it'll be enough ;-))
  • and various other code remastering and minor fixes..

Hope you'll enjoy the new release! ;-))

The upgrade process is simple as usual :
  • 0.) no need to stop anything, update can be applied live on your running dim_STAT instance ;-))
  • 1.) download the latest tgz (WebX_apps-v90-u15.tgz) file from the CoreUpdates repository: http://dimitrik.free.fr/Core_Updates/
  • 2.) backup your current apps scripts:
    • $ cd /opt/WebX ; tar czf apps-bkp.tgz apps
  • 3.) deploy the CoreUpdate-15 scripts bundle:
    • $ cd /opt/WebX; tar xzf /path/to/WebX_apps-v90-u15.tgz
  • 4.) enjoy ;-)

As usually, any feedback is welcome!

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