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Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

MySQL Performance: MySQL 5.4 and other InnoDB engines @dbSTRESS Benchmark

As you may already know, today Sun announces MySQL 5.4. It's a big step forward and I hope you'll have enough time today to follow all blog posts and other interesting related publications! :-)

I leave my colleagues to tell you what is new in 5.4 and what will come with next releases! (start with Mikael's and Allan's blogs). As well you will not have a whole story if you miss Tim's, Neel's, Richard's, Vince's, David's and many other valuable blogs posts!

From my part I want to present you some "unofficial" dbSTRESS benchmark results comparing:

  • MySQL 5.1.32
  • InnoDB plugin 1.0.3
  • MySQL 5.4.0
  • MySQL 5.Perf (experimental)
  • XtraDB

This testing is following previously published performance studies with InnoDB and XtraDB, as well zero build of Perf Version (see: dbSTRESS@ http://dimitrik.free.fr) - several enormous performance improvements was done on MySQL during last months and it's a real pleasure to see them confirmed by the benchmark results! :-)

I'm presenting here just a few graphs, and invite you to read my full benchmark report (hope you'll find it useful :-))

Read-Only Workload on 8 and 16 cores:

Read+Write Workload on 8 and 16 cores:

Full Benchmark report is published here: http://dimitrik.free.fr/db_STRESS_MySQL_540_and_others_Apr2009.html

Any comment are welcome!

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