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Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

MySQL Performance: 5.4 outperforms PostgreSQL 8.3.7 @dbSTRESS !

Forget to say, I've also tested PostgreSQL 8.3.7 during the last benchmark serie with dbSTRESS!

A big surprise - if two years ago on the same workload PostgreSQL was two times faster (see: http://dimitrik.free.fr/db_STRESS_BMK_Part2_ZFS.html ), now it's MySQL 5.4 outperforming PostgreSQL!

  • Read-Only workload: MySQL is near two times faster now! (13.500 TPS vs ~7.000 TPS for PostgreSQL)

  • Read+Write workload: MySQL performs as well or better (7.000-8.000 TPS vs 6.000-7.000 TPS for PostgreSQL)

For more details: http://dimitrik.free.fr/db_STRESS_MySQL_540_and_others_Apr2009.html#note_5443

Posted by Dimitri at 18:36
Categories: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Tools/ IObench
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