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Sunday, 05 July, 2009

dim_STAT: Version 8.3 is ready!!! :-)

Dear friends/users!

I'm pleased to announce you the new release of dim_STAT - v.8.3 !

This is a mainly maintenance update release, just to fix all trailing issues before a big move to the v.9.0 :-))

Here is a list of some changes:


  • security issue on STAT-service!! (special thanks to Marc Koderer @LHS to find it!)
  • execution of dim_STAT-CLI from the web services
  • fixed LANG=C and LC_ALL=C via the main STAT-service script


  • Optional Admin password may be given on a database creation and then it'll be required for any admin action!
  • Database error messages are now handled separately from LOG messages
  • Java WebDRAW Applet updated
  • add color LEDs near hostnames to signal running or stopped hosts
  • add #Records column to have an idea about a number of database rows per collect
  • Admin LOG management is working more friendly now with a long lists of messages :-)
  • STAT-service daemon may listen exclusively on a given IP address now [IP:port]
  • Whole database backup is added to the Admin menu
  • etc..

Database schema:

  • iostat disk names are extended to varchar(64)
  • all float values are moved to float(25,5) to have an easy human reading :-)
  • Add-On name limit is 14 characters now

Report Tool:

  • wiki-like syntax is added to simplify writing!
  • look & feel updated
  • some minor fixes here & there :-)

New Add-Ons:

EasySTAT additional options:

  • COMPRESS=gzip (compressing of output files)
  • TIMER=yes (auto-timestamping within output files)

Also, since this 8.3 version dim_STAT is moving to GPLv2 license! Most of source code will be published in parallel with binaries - and with time you'll probably find it ported on any platform, even Mac :-)

As well several things are added to simplify a knowledge sharing between dim_STAT users:

And finally following users requests a "Donate" button is added for those who wants to support the development of this project and see new features coming faster! All credit cards are accepted! :-))

As usually you may download both versions (Solaris & Linux) from http://dimitrik.free.fr  

Have fun! :-))

Posted by Dimitri at 15:17
Categories: dim_STAT, Linux, Solaris
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