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Monday, 13 July, 2009

MySQL Performance: 5.4 and new Performance builds

Recently new performance builds were made by our MySQL Team, and it seems to me reaching now a new milestone with the build #45 - within this single build Mikael joined several previously tested performance builds showed a positive performance improvement. So, how well it's comparing now to the default 5.4 ?..

Here are my results obtained on M5000 (quad-cores)/ Solaris10 update7 and db_STRESS.

Solaris 10 update7

Special note about update7: I was pleasantly surprised the kernel locks issue was gone! CPU Spinlocks within a similar workload are devided by 4(!) - very positive improvement, and seems the things will be even better with update8!

Read-Only Workload

For my big surprise there was no difference (or very few) between 5.4 and build45 on the Read-Only workload. I need to retest it again after vacations to be sure nothing goes wrong here :-)

Read+Write Workload

However the performance improvements made on write operations are quite important!


As you may see, there is still a performance drop in the middle of the test - it's due a "furious flushing" while using a huge redo logs (described before ). There are new changes coming to face such kind of issue as well some others - stay tuned! :-)

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