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Thursday, 08 April, 2010

dim_STAT v.8.5 is here! :-)

Hope it's the last 8.x version release and the next one will be really the v.9.0 :-)

Curiously there were still many things to finish before to say yes, we may start a new version tree :-))
First of all I was surprised to discover some minor bugs and prefer to fix them still within v8 rather to bring them to the v9 again :-)) Then there are some new and very powerful improvements which cannot wait so long :-)) And finally I've also wanted to bring some order into distribution/packages version-ing and resolve historical ambiguity of names :-)

So far, this release is jumped to the v.8.5 not because you're missed v.8.4, but just because within a STAT-service packages I've started to tag new updates with "ready for 8.4+" which bring ambiguity when you're still using the v.8.3 :-)) So, since this release you may find a VERSION file included withing every STAT-service package, dim_STAT distribution, or already installed dim_STAT server. This file contains the version number of dim_STAT as well the OS/platform information. Hope it'll simplify many things from now :-))

As well, the list of all main changes coming with release:

Fixes :

  • Database Password fixed (curiously nobody reported it until now - it's fine to know that most of users are not paranoid :-))
  • CPU Count was not exact in some conditions within Multi-Host graphs
  • Empty graphs are skipped within Report generations
  • Updated documentation :-)

Improvements :

  • New Analyze option: Extended Multi-Host Analyze - it combines now the classic multi-host interface + all single-host bookmarks! - you're able now to mix on a single page your multi-host graphs and per host graphs coming from bookmarks! :-)

  • Bookmarks links now also available for the Multi-Host too - at any time get a more detailed view per each host available via Bookmark graphs! :-)

  • Surprisingly there was still a room for performance improvement on WebX - new code is running even faster than before and particularly when generating a long list of graphs! (which is also dramatically reducing a generation time of Reports :-))

  • STAT-service is now accepting the syntax with command_name[:port] - it gives a possibility to run several STAT-service daemons in parallel on different ports, and according the port number assign a different final command for the same "stat name" (for ex. see how to collect data in parallel from 3 different Oracle instances running on the same server: name[:port] feature )

  • Graphs accidentally involved with a too large list of items now will be auto-reduced to the lower number of items and include a short error label within a legend

EasySTAT additional options :

  • Additional LOG option may be used in cases the EasySTAT output should be redirected to a file rather to be printed to the standard output (when it should to be not mixed with output from other programs/daemons running in parallel)

New Add-Ons :

  • UDPstat (Solaris: UDP traffic stats)
  • innodbMUTEX (MySQL: detailed InnoDB MUTEX monitoring (available since InnoDB plugin 1.0.4))

As usually, you may download all distributions from the main site: http://dimitrik.free.fr as well I'm looking for solutions to mirror at least distribution packages as the download is not always as fast as expected from "free.fr"...

Any comments are welcome! :-)

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