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Saturday, 10 April, 2010

New features in dim_STAT v.8.5 for InnoDB Monitoring

Last week the new version 8.5 of dim_STAT was shipped. Along with other new features, there is a new Add-On was introduced since this version: innodbMUTEX. The data collecting by this Add-On are based on the "show engine innodb mutex" output. And it's not only able to scan the "standard" output, but also the "extended" output as well (by extended I mean if with debug options or with a little bit of hacking you'll force InnoDB to print other mutex wait values - they are already present within a code, but by default enabled only for debugging currently). For example in my case I wanted to analyze if in every case a mutex having the highest number of waits/sec will be also having the highest waited time.. - And it was not always true :-) But at least it's true for the rollback segment mutex:

Other previously introduced Add-Ons were also updated (mysqlSTAT, mysqlLOAD, innodbSTAT), and you may get more details about them from here .

As well I'm presenting dim_STAT during MySQL User Conference next Wednesday at 4:25PM - so if you have any questions/ need more information - don't miss a live story :-) Of course I'll also speak about dbSTRESS (as it's fully integrated into dim_STAT from a long time) and hope to play a live demo with live data from several recent tests - so it should be fun :-)

To download the Linux or Solaris version of dim_STAT: http://dimitrik.free.fr 

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