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Friday, 01 April, 2011

MySQL Performance: Reaching 100M(!) Transactions/sec with MySQL 5.5 running on Exadata!

Cannot give you all details yet and it's too early to say what the max performance we'll finally obtain, but currently we out-passed 100.000.000 (!) Read+Write transactions/sec on the latest MySQL 5.5 simply integrated on the Exadata X2-8 (full rack) instead of Oracle database!!! :-))

The result is so incredible.. - but we spent several days now to validate that workload is perfectly matching customer's requirement and really reproducing their production environment. The problem came from the performance issue they observed month to month and came in our Benchmark Center to test a new HW platform (and we're in competition here with HP and IBM, but they have already finished their testing and without a positive result (no comments.. ;-))).. Finally, no one of any tested platforms was able to keep the load expected for the end of the year.. And of course we think about Exadata :-)) but the problem that the customer's application is fully dependent on MySQL and they never ever wanted to migrate (specially that they are running some hidden x64 functions which will not run on SPARC64 for ex.)..

So, looking on our Exadata, wa say "what if?".. ;-))

Then we used CELLs as MySQL shards and added some "back box magic" - the shard coordinator which is "natively" distributing data between Exadata CELL nodes and even give now a possibility to run parallel queries! - SELECT count(*) from Table of 500GB is giving an answer.. in 1.2sec!! (on InnoDB).. Then for OLTP (main customer's workload) we adopted the latest Solaris 11 features (mapping MySQL threads to kernel threads (LWP), using HW-atomic mutexes, super-parallel AIO lib and Zone binding) - all these factors gave an incredible boost, and 100M TPS was finally out-passed!! :-)) it's hard to believe if I did not see it myself :-))

Currently the max performance is limited by the network throughput.. - well x4 10Gbit network cards on each node! - who may believe we'll reach the limit on our 10Gbit switch?.. So, currently we're waiting for the new one which will be shipped next week, and then a new record will wait for us!..

Stay tuned!. ;-))

Posted by Dimitri at 21:00
Categories: MySQL, Oracle, Solaris
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