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Wednesday, 26 September, 2012

MySQL Performance: Speaking during MySQL Connect 2012

Seems I did not say it before, but I'm presenting "Demystified MySQL/InnoDB Performance Tuning" during MySQL Connect, this Saturday, 5.30 pm, Room Golden Gate 4.. And looking on my slides, I'm realizing that it'll be hard to tell within one hour all the stuff I want :-))

So, if you want me absolutely to cover some particular topic during presentation, please, leave a comment here or just drop me an e-mail, I'll then keep it in mind and not miss it for sure ;-)

MySQL Performance is a so passionating topic that it's quite easy to forget about time while speaking about.. And I'm very happy to see so many sessions about performance.. Seems it'll be hard for me too to manage my time optimally and attend all the presentations and speakers I want.. - but I very hope so :-)

Looking very promising so long awaited conference..

See you there! ;-)

Posted by Dimitri at 21:46
Categories: MySQL
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