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Saturday, 29 September, 2012

MySQL Performance: Welcome 5.6 RC, the best MySQL ever

Today we're announcing MySQL 5.6 RC availability, which is placing MySQL 5.6 to the "best ever MySQL" position, kept until now by MySQL 5.5 ;-))

In one word: "Champagne !!!" :-)

While few graphs with benchmark results will say you it better than any words...

Sysbench OLTP_RO

Sysbench RO Simple-Ranges

Sysbench OLTP_RW

More details about during my presentation @MySQL Connect at 17:30 today..
Then my presentation slides will be posted here: MySQL Perf @Connect 2012 

NOTE: the results are presented in QPS (query per second, counting only Read + Write requests/sec reported by Sysbench), and representing the most higher QPS results obtained on each MySQL version for each test case with a best tunning possible in each case, and on the same Linux 32cores server...

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