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Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

MySQL Performance Talks during UKOUG Conference in Birmingham (UK)

From a very snowy Paris (well, everything is relative) I'm finally in less snowy Birmingham (comparing to yesterday's Paris :-)) and even my flight arrived on time! (that's a mystery of Air France for me - how a flight leaving Paris one hour later that it should may still arrive on time to its destination).. But well, it's in the past now :-) And for the now - I'm happy to be here and learn from others! - there are so many interesting things presented by passionated people that it's hard to choose which talk to attend.. And it's pity we cannot be in several places on the same time :-) and the Day#1 was great, and hope other days will be to! (and more productive for myself as I'll be less asleep :-))

I'm also presenting during this conference, and hope to share about MySQL Performance during my talks as much as I can :-) Well, it's hard to enter all the materials into 45 min.. - so I have to focus on the most essential things and it's not easy to decide ;-)) but if you want to see one of the topics to be absolutely covered - just comment here or drop me email and I'll do my best :-) Also, the conference is very well organized, and even if you have any new questions, etc. - there are "Meet a speaker" events taking place, so you may still get all the answers you're looking for.. And if I speak about organizers - one thing I've really appreciated here and it's what I've asked all the time during Sun and MySQL conferences - doing a pool on planned presentations and to see what is the level of interest on each session, and then according to this poll schedule a room with a corresponding size to avoid that the most interesting sessions will be missed by people due lack of space in the room like it was for ex. for Domas sessions during the last MySQL UC.. So, great job UKOUG team! :-) (well, there are other things will be fine to improve, but I can live with it, not a real problem.. :-))

BTW, the abstract of my talk was reduced to one line in agenda probably by my mistake:

"Being more smart in 45min is a final goal of this session :-)"

Well, here is a full version:

"This session will cover MySQL/InnoDB configuration tuning. Which setting for which workload? Which value will be better for my system? How to avoid potential bottlenecks from the beginning? Do I need a purge thread? I was told InnoDB doesn't need thread concurrency anymore? Is my IO capacity setting good enough?.. - these an many other questions are often asked by MySQL DBA and developers.. Things are changing quickly and constantly, and there is no "silver bullet" :-) But understanding of the configuration settings impact is already a huge step in performance improvement :-) Bring your ideas too, share them with others - discussion is open, it's only driven by a speaker :-) Latest benchmark results will be presented as well..
Being more smart in 45min is a final goal of this session :-)"

Hope you'll have fun and will bring something to share too! :-))

Link with a time and place to my talk is here . As well I'm also presenting dim_STAT during this conference - if you want to discover a powerful (and free) monitoring tool from the source - you're welcome! :-)


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